Mega328 Header Kit

Posted by on Mar 11, 2010 in Arduino, avr | 7 Comments

Blinky Mega328 Header Board

It took a while since I first posted about the new ATmega header board but finally, here it is.

The board is great for prototyping on a solderless breadboard. It is compatible with the common 28-pin AVR controllers like ATmega48, ATmega88, ATmega168 and ATmega328. On plus it is Arduino compatible.

Some of the features:

  • Space efficient, occupies only on more row than the controller itself
  • Has no voltage regulator on board, so you choose, at which voltage you want to run it
  • It has SMD resistors and LEDs (size 1206) to make it a great starting point to learn how to hand solder SMD
  • Has a sticker to tell which pin is what. Thanks Tod!
  • Blinks blue!

Check out the detailed howto page and grab a kit at the shop, if you like.


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  2. Enrico Tramacere
    2. June 2010

    Hi Alex, first of all the “Mega328 Header Kit” is really a great work, compliments!

    I have some question.
    The header kit is arduino compatible, right? Isn’t it one of the least expensive *duino clone on the market?

    And, do you use Eagle software to design the kit? From the schematic to the double-side pcb?

    Thank you in advance,
    kind regards and cheers from southern Italy ;)

  3. Alex
    3. June 2010

    Hi Enrico,
    well, it’s cheap but there are cheaper ones ;)
    For example the Solarbotics Ardweeny.

    And yes, I’m using Eagle CAD for all my designs. It’s cheap and does all things I want.


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  6. Philipp
    3. November 2010

    Sowas in blau und mit einem USB-B Anschluss wär doch mal cool, was meinst du?

    Sind die CAD Dateien deines Atmega Header Boards öffentlich? Dann würd ich gerne mal einen Entwurf mit USB machen, wenn dir das recht ist.


  7. Alex
    3. November 2010

    Hi Philipp,
    ja, klar, die Designs sind Open Source, verlinkt im How-To.
    Viele Grüße,