Tiny Proto Boards

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Tiny25 and Tiny2313 Proto Board

Here are two brand new boards for faster prototyping. These are especially useful for these one-off projects that need to be more permanent than on a breadboard. And they save time as most of the standard components as reset button or ISP header are already on board. Only the custom part of the project has to be soldered on the proto area. They come in two flavors, one for ATtiny25 and one for ATtiny2313 Atmel microcontrollers.

Tiny2313 Proto Board

Even a 3 AA cell battery holder with on/off switch is included in the kit. There also two new how-tos with detailed step-by-step instructions, Tiny25 Proto Board Howto and Tiny2313 Proto Board Howto.

You can grab a full kit at the Tinker Store, if you like.


  1. Tius
    4. September 2010

    Very nice idea and design. Simple and useful. Thanks

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