Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home

In July Jeremy Abbett of Makers and Company came over and we discussed, what would be a cool project for Google’s Creative Sandbox event in Berlin. Finally we settled with “Home Sweet Home”, a Google Latitude Arduino driven Lamp. The idea is, that your kids at home have a hanging lamp that tells them how ...

The Indestructible Billboard

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The Indestructible Billboard

In March Marcus of Interactive Matter and I helped Publicis to build an interactive billboard for Evoc. Evoc makes backpacks with protectors, called LITESHIELD. The protector is used to absorb a good portion of an impact in case of an accident. So we were asked to build a billboard with an included backpack and a ...

Der Kritzler

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Der Kritzler

In May I moved into a new office with the great guys of The Future of Everything. The office has really nice big windows and we thought about what we could do with them. I remembered hektor, this super cool 2D drawing machine. What if that thing could draw directly onto the window? So, here ...

Audi Fan Messenger

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Audi Fan Messenger

Almost a year ago Martin came to me and asked me, if would like to join him on a cool project. His idea was to put a LED POV into a real race car. Of course I wanted! Concept Every race event attracts a lot of fans. Martin’s idea was to integrate the fans into ...

TweetsOfWaste in Weave

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A couple of months ago Martin came up with the idea to build a dustbin, that would take pictures of people using it and then send them to Twitter. We tried some different approaches and finally used an Arduino, a WiFly-shield and a c328 serial camera to build it. It worked really well and was ...

Palo Altonale Workshop

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End of October, Marcus and I gave a two day workshop on sensors, Internet of Things and Arduino. It was for people who had small to no knowledge about electronics and programming, so not for the average geek. The aim was to show how easy it is to build things that interact with the physical ...


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Last weekend, Marcus of interactive-matter and I, gave a small introduction into internet of things and ambient devices at the Good School. The idea was to have two devices that show the current volume of two terms on twitter, e.g. love against hate. The demo should show how easy it is to connect the physical ...

Mega328 Header Kit

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It took a while since I first posted about the new ATmega header board but finally, here it is. The board is great for prototyping on a solderless breadboard. It is compatible with the common 28-pin AVR controllers like ATmega48, ATmega88, ATmega168 and ATmega328. On plus it is Arduino compatible. Some of the features: Space ...

Remote Accelerometer

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What is a remote accelerometer? It’s a tiny device that has a three axis accelerometer and transmit the acceleration values to a remote host. And what is it good for? There are various uses for it. One is you attach the sensor to someone and let him jump around. On your remote machine you can ...

Palo Altona – Tinker drinkup in Hamburg

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If you’ve missed Marcus post, here is another on the same topic. Nearly every other Thursday Marcus and I are hanging out together for having a beer and chatting about all things geek, especially electronics, CNC, 3D-printing, micrcontroller and Arduino. But there’s no limit, everyone interested in tinkering and making is welcome. It takes place ...

A retro twitter wall (twypper)

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A couple of weeks ago Jan came to me and asked me if I could build a special kind of twitter wall. At our company CoreMedia we do an Open Space every 3 months or so. This time we had a Hacking Day as well, so we needed something special. After throwing some ideas around, ...

Arduino introduction in c’t

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Here is my very first article. It is published in c’t, one of the best known computer magazines in Germany. wOOt! It shows some basic Arduino examples and how to build a Wiimote-like controller. The controller consists of an 3-axis accelerometer, a push button and an Arduino nano on a breadboard. This combination is used ...