Boring bar tool holder

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Boring bar tool holder

Last July I bought a small used lathe. It’s a Proxxon SD 300, also known as Hobbymat MD65 or as PRAZI Saupe/Unitech SD-300. It can hold pieces up to 300mm in length and weighs about 45kg. Why a lathe you ask? I wanted to do more mechanical stuff. 3D printers are fine and all that ...

Raspberry Pi with RGB-Pixels and node.js

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Raspberry Pi with RGB-Pixels and node.js

This article is also available in Serbo-Croatian language by Vera Djuraskovic. Thanks Vera! For quite some time I had my Raspi lying around. And some RGB Pixels as well. So it was about time to bring them together. The last couple of days I built a web interface that I can use to control my ...

The Almost Useless Machine

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The Almost Useless Machine

We all know, we should use more renewable energy. Here is my contribution. Use solar power if you want to cut 20mm wooden rods. And plan ahead because it may take a while. This little machine uses a so called solar engine to drive the motor. This solar engine is able to collect tiny amounts ...

Battery Adapter for Canon Powershot SX200

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Battery Adapter for Canon Powershot SX200

Last year I bought a Canon PowerShot SX200 on ebay. I wanted to play a bit with CHDK, the Canon Hack Development Kit to make some timelapse things. Problem was, the battery would hold only up for 2 hours or so. Even worse, the camera has no power jack to attach a power supply. The ...

The 2 Euros Machine

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The 2 Euros Machine

In January Kolle Rebbe, a german agency, asked if I could help them with their project. The idea was to have an interactive ad poster to collect money for Misereor, a german relief organization. The campaign is named “Mit 2€ viel bewegen”, which means something like “getting things moving with 2€”. You would donate a ...

Audi Fan Messenger

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Audi Fan Messenger

Almost a year ago Martin came to me and asked me, if would like to join him on a cool project. His idea was to put a LED POV into a real race car. Of course I wanted! Concept Every race event attracts a lot of fans. Martin’s idea was to integrate the fans into ...

Soldering is Easy

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Soldering is easy. It realy is. If you are still in doubt, head over to, where you can find a really nice comic on how to solder, done by my good friends Jeff Keyzer and Mitch Altman. Best of all, it’s totally open source! Links Soldering is easy as PDF

Xeyes in Processing

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Do you remember, when you first started your X and stared at Xeyes? Aaaah, those were the days. I wanted to have Xeyes in Processing to have it as an example of some lines of code that could be easily integrated into an interactive demo or the like. So I thought, ok, that’s quite easy, ...

Neoprene sleeve for a Galaxy Tab

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Two years ago I posted about how to build a neoprene sleeve for a Macbook. This time it’s a sleeve for a Samsung Galaxy Tab. As last time, my mom did the work, I did the documenting

Fireflies in Elektor

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Yay, here is my second article, this time published in the famous Elektor magazine. It’s about the synchronizing fireflies. I met Jerry at last years HAR2009 and we chatted about the fireflies and all things electronics. He works for the Elektor magazine in the Netherlands and asked me, if I would like to publish an ...

Palo Altona built MakerBot CupCake CNC

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Last weekend, a small group of tinkerers of Palo Altona built a MakerBot Cupcake CNC. Simone and Christian from Good School bought the MakerBot and asked Palo Altona for assistance with the assembly. Of course we were happy to help out. We startet on Saturday and made good progress. We assembled the CNC and the ...

Pong Time

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This is a Pong clock for your Android phone. It tells the time by playing Pong against itself. Sander Muller came up first with the idea to have a Pong Clock. A really great idea and a fantastic device. Then lately Lady Ada designed a wonderful hackable clock platform, called MONOCHRON. The first implementation on ...