Light Stencils

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Light Stencils

After reading about light stencils at DIY Photography I was sure I had to try that. In short, you use a flash to illuminate a printout while taking a long exposure picture.

Xeyes in Processing

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Do you remember, when you first started your X and stared at Xeyes? Aaaah, those were the days. I wanted to have Xeyes in Processing to have it as an example of some lines of code that could be easily integrated into an interactive demo or the like. So I thought, ok, that’s quite easy, ...

Neoprene sleeve for a Galaxy Tab

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Two years ago I posted about how to build a neoprene sleeve for a Macbook. This time it’s a sleeve for a Samsung Galaxy Tab. As last time, my mom did the work, I did the documenting

TweetsOfWaste in Weave

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A couple of months ago Martin came up with the idea to build a dustbin, that would take pictures of people using it and then send them to Twitter. We tried some different approaches and finally used an Arduino, a WiFly-shield and a c328 serial camera to build it. It worked really well and was ...

Palo Altonale Workshop

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End of October, Marcus and I gave a two day workshop on sensors, Internet of Things and Arduino. It was for people who had small to no knowledge about electronics and programming, so not for the average geek. The aim was to show how easy it is to build things that interact with the physical ...


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Last weekend, Marcus of interactive-matter and I, gave a small introduction into internet of things and ambient devices at the Good School. The idea was to have two devices that show the current volume of two terms on twitter, e.g. love against hate. The demo should show how easy it is to connect the physical ...

Tiny Proto Boards

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Here are two brand new boards for faster prototyping. These are especially useful for these one-off projects that need to be more permanent than on a breadboard. And they save time as most of the standard components as reset button or ISP header are already on board. Only the custom part of the project has ...

Fireflies in Elektor

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Yay, here is my second article, this time published in the famous Elektor magazine. It’s about the synchronizing fireflies. I met Jerry at last years HAR2009 and we chatted about the fireflies and all things electronics. He works for the Elektor magazine in the Netherlands and asked me, if I would like to publish an ...

Fireflies at the Fira de la Ciència

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A couple of months ago, some nice guys of the IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems) contacted me. They saw the Synchronizing Fireflies and wanted them to demonstrate how simple rules can make patterns emerge from chaos. The main research of the institute is in Nonlinear Physics and Complex Systems.

Palo Altona built MakerBot CupCake CNC

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Last weekend, a small group of tinkerers of Palo Altona built a MakerBot Cupcake CNC. Simone and Christian from Good School bought the MakerBot and asked Palo Altona for assistance with the assembly. Of course we were happy to help out. We startet on Saturday and made good progress. We assembled the CNC and the ...

Pong Time

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This is a Pong clock for your Android phone. It tells the time by playing Pong against itself. Sander Muller came up first with the idea to have a Pong Clock. A really great idea and a fantastic device. Then lately Lady Ada designed a wonderful hackable clock platform, called MONOCHRON. The first implementation on ...

Mega328 Header Kit

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It took a while since I first posted about the new ATmega header board but finally, here it is. The board is great for prototyping on a solderless breadboard. It is compatible with the common 28-pin AVR controllers like ATmega48, ATmega88, ATmega168 and ATmega328. On plus it is Arduino compatible. Some of the features: Space ...