avrdude 5.4 for Windows

I had some problems with the avrdude 5.3.1. It complains about reading the fuses properly.

Verify error - unable to read lfuse properly. Programmer may not be

A workaround is to use the -u switch to override this check. As the new version with this bug fixed is not available for windows, I tried to compile it myself. I used MinGW and MSYS and it worked, at least for me. I can now even omit the -F switch, which I had to use before, as the device signature was not read properly. If you want to try it, here you go.

Download: avrdude 5.4 windows

Please note, that this comes without any warranty and is not completly tested or verified.

Using PROGMEM and EEMEM with AVRs

This post will give you a short example how to read and write EEPROM, and how to use flash memory as storage.

When you are jumping into programming microcontrollers many things are new and uncommon. At least to me as I used to develop in Java. This snippet may save you some time when you start playing with EEPROM and flash storage. Please note, that this is not a complete tutorial on this topic. You may find usefull links in the link section below.

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