Race Car POV

See how we put a super cool LED POV into a real race car, an Audi R8 LMS. The project was shown first time at the 24h of Nürburgring 2011.

Check out the howto.

Tiny Proto Boards

tiny2313 proto board Here are two new boards, ready for faster prototyping. Easy to build, even for beginners. Best of all, the kit comes with a 3 AA cell battery holder.

Take a look at the Tiny25 Proto or at the Tiny2313 Proto Board.

Mega Header Board

Mega328 Header BoardThis board is to make your prototyping faster. It snaps on a solderless breadboard while using as little space as possible. And the best, it’s Arduino compatible.

To learn how it is done, take a look at the Mega328 howto.


Want to express yourself the geeky way? Try this tiny display. It can play small animations and scroll some text. It consists only of a few parts and is easy to build. With two AA batteries it’ll give you over two weeks of pixelfun.

See how it’s done at the 64pixels howto.

Tiny Header Boards

These are two tiny boards that make your prototyping on a breadboard much easier. Just plug the header board into the breadboard and attach your ISP programmer and you are ready to go.

Check out the two howtos at Tiny25 Header and Tiny2313 Header.

Programmable LED

Build a tiny circuit with a blinking LED. The blinking sequence can be reprogrammed with a flashlight.
It detects changes in the lighting with a photocell, records the changes and plays them back. A Programmable LED is easy to build and consists of 7 components only, including the battery.

Learn how to build it in the Programmable LED How To.

Synchronizing Firefly

This circuit simulates a firefly with a small microcontroller. If you arrange a couple of them together, they will form a self organizing system and eventually synchronize their flashes.

Learn how to build it in the Synchronizing Fireflies How To.