Fireflies in Elektor

Yay, here is my second article, this time published in the famous Elektor magazine. It’s about the synchronizing fireflies.

I met Jerry at last years HAR2009 and we chatted about the fireflies and all things electronics. He works for the Elektor magazine in the Netherlands and asked me, if I would like to publish an article about the fireflies. And here it is. Thanks Jerry, for making this possible!


  1. Hi Alex! How are you?

    That is cool! Can we get to read the article online?

    This week we have had our Modern Optics Days here in the IFISC. This is a set of talks during a week. Today, as a last day, we have had a visit to the electronics lab and I have shown two experiments. One of them was the fireflies’ tree, people love it!

    Apart of this things are good here. We finally got those tools, instruments and parts. I’m learning a lot lately but I still have lots to catch up!

    Hope life is treating you well. Keep in touch,



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