Neoprene sleeve for a Galaxy Tab

Two years ago I posted about how to build a neoprene sleeve for a Macbook. This time it’s a sleeve for a Samsung Galaxy Tab. As last time, my mom did the work, I did the documenting ;)

We had some remains from the first project. This piece is a front part of a neoprene wetsuit. Cut out the biggest piece you can get. Then use chalk to mark the size. The size is about 15cm x 51.5cm. You may want to cut it a bigger as you think you need it.

Now cut it out.

Check, if the size still fits.

Now sew the envelope inside out. Then cut the overlapping neoprene as close to the seam as possible. Flip the envelope back to have the outside out.

Check if the tab fits. If its too loose, you can always sew another time to make it a bit tighter. Mine got a tiny bit too tight at the first try, so you have press it a bit.

To keep the tongue in place, we decided to simply cut stripes from the sleeve.

Ok, that looks great. Now just trim the tongue a bit to make it fit into the strap.

Here’s the finished sleeve.

Ready to throw it into my bag. All together the project took only one hour. And for me the result is way cooler than any sleeve you can buy.



  1. Very neat little guide. I remember posting a similar DIY cover for the NC10 netbook a couple of years ago. Would you mind if I used a pic and linked to you from my tablet blog?


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