Simple stool

Simple stool

From time to time I enjoy simple and quick projects. It’s like taking a break from that other long running project. This simple stool took me around 4 hours to make. Best of all, it’ll never need to re-charge.

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Searching for simple stools to make I stumbled upon the DIY Furniture Design Bank from Dick Reynolds. That is a great collection of simple furniture, not only stools. Almost all designs should be fairly easy to build. Perfect for me, as I have no real knowledge on how to build furniture.


I cut 18mm thick baltic birch plywood into 60mm wide stripes (I adapted the design slightly to have nicer metric sizes).



All parts got a light sanding and the edges were trimmed with a small router. Then I started gluing parts together, using wood glue.




I used my small router and a homemade compass to cut the top out of a melemin board (Siebdruckplatte in german). It was then screwed to the structure using big fat furniture screws (aka IKEA screws). Then I gave it a light coating of varnish.

The finished stool is really sturdy and looks quite good. I guess I’ll build a couple more as in-between-projects.



  1. Good Project!
    Check out “Matthias Wandel” on Youtube, he make so many stuff (If you still don’t know him)!



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