Building Fleet

My projects are getting larger and larger lately. This time I’m trying to build a boat. A small wooden boat of 15 feet. I thought building a boat that you could actually use, that should be great fun. And of course much more fun than to just go and buy one.
So I scanned the web for designs that looked relatively easy, even for first time builders. I settled with a boat, called Fleet, designed by Ross Lillistone. It’s an elegant, slim and clean boat. I ordered the plan and then started to build a model first. They say you should build a model first to get an impression how things fit together, so I did that.

The method to build this boat is called “stitch and glue”. That means you cut plywood pieces according to the plan, which then get stitched together with cable ties. So the cut plywood panels define the shape of the boat. This is much simpler and faster than the traditional method where you build the boat upside down on frames. After stitching, you glue the pieces together with epoxy and cover the seams with fiberglas.

After the model was complete, I started the real thing. The idea was to prepare all pieces in my small workshop and then move out to a bigger place to assemble all parts. I bought 6 plywood panels, 4 x Hydro AW100, 6mm, 250x153cm and 2 x Okoume AW100, 250x122cm, which makes in total 21.40m2. The video above shows the first part of the preparation.

Here are more parts:

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  1. YAYYYYY!!! I really like the model build before too!! Thank you!! -Ryan


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