TV-B-Gone clones

TV-B-Gone is pure subversive fun. If you don’t know it, it was invented by Mitch Altman and it is a universal TV remote control with a single button, the power button. You can only switch TVs off. No longer dumb advertisements everywhere you go. Just switch them off. Extra portions of fun in a MediaMarkt.

Just another fine device, well suited for DIY.

My DIY TV-B-Gone and Mini-TV-B-Gone

The device seems to sell real well. You can get it everywhere. Some time ago, Mitch and Lady Ada teamed up to build an open source version of the TV-B-Gone. That means the circuit and the board layout can be downloaded and you can build your own TV-B-Gone, based on the published circuit.

How does it work?

The small microcontroller on the device has stored all shut down codes of the most known TV sets. If you hit the button it plays simply every shut down code it knows. The transistors are used to drive a stronger current through the IR-LEDs. The latest TV-B-Gone kit should have a range of about 50 meters.


  • ATtiny85v-10-PU microcontroller, 8kB flash memory
  • ceramic oscillator, 8MHz
  • 4 x IR-LEDs, wavelength: 940nm
  • 4 x transistors, 2N3904
  • 4 x resistors, 47R
  • resistor, 1k
  • red LED
  • button
  • capacitor 0,1u
  • capacitor 100u
  • battery holder

A detailed list of parts can be found at Lady Ada’s TV-B-Gone page. The recommended Everlight IR-LEDs are a bit hard to find at where I live, so I replaced them with Siemens LD271 and they work perfectly.


I built two version, a normal sized one and a smaller one. The normal sized one uses two AA batteries just like the original kit. The smaller one uses only a single AA cell but uses a DC-to-DC step-up-converter and runs on 5V. 5 volts are fine with the controller but may be a bit much for the IR-LEDs. Until now they are working fine.


Mini TV-B-Gone


More at Flickr.


  1. > Will a 555 work? I dont know how to program chips.

    No, just like you can’t make a radio out of just an oscillator.
    Timing is only part of the problem, you also need some control functions.


  2. No, but you can take a look at the schematic on Lady Ada’s site and remove the superfluous parts. The 2 IR-LED version uses only two transistors.


  3. would you have a plan or a photo of the 2 rate of the circuit for the implementation of component?


  4. I don’t have a circuit diagram of this one, but you can take a look at the circuit at adafruits site. The link is above.


  5. Yes, thank you but I diagrams is the technical schematics me I would need the schematics for the board layout on bakelite plate

    sorry but this translation is done with google translation


  6. where can I find the sketch for the Arduino program…i plan to program the attiny85v with that…


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