Palo Altonale Workshop

End of October, Marcus and I gave a two day workshop on sensors, Internet of Things and Arduino. It was for people who had small to no knowledge about electronics and programming, so not for the average geek. The aim was to show how easy it is to build things that interact with the physical world. It was hosted at the Good School.

First day was training. With small examples on sensors and outputs we saw how easy it is, to collect real world data and act upon them. After that we connected the Arduino with a WiFly-Shield to the interwebs. At the end of the day all had an Arduino running, that did a search on twitter and if someone tweeted your name, an LED light up. Not bad for the first day.

Second day was free tinkering. Everyone could come up with ideas for projects. We gave some guidance of would could be achieved until the end of the day and what not. Then all started on developing their projects. Marcus and I had a lot to do in answering questions and giving hints into the right direction. At the end their was a presentation where all proudly presented their project. And they were really great. All teams came up with something that really worked, none failed. What a success.

That was a fantastic experience, having so many people together, tinkering and having fun. All of them were really engaged and fully committed to their projects. I took a couple of pictures, and guess what, all people you see on these pictures are smiling and enjoying what they are doing.

Pictures at Flickr.

Palo Altona built MakerBot CupCake CNC

Last weekend, a small group of tinkerers of Palo Altona built a MakerBot Cupcake CNC. Simone and Christian from Good School bought the MakerBot and asked Palo Altona for assistance with the assembly. Of course we were happy to help out.

We startet on Saturday and made good progress. We assembled the CNC and the extruder and made the first tests with stinking hot ABS. Yeah!

Next day was for learning firmware and tools. We switched X, Y and Z directions of the stepper motors a couple of times and managed to drive the heated nozzle into the platform at first try. *sigh*

This is the very first print out. Although it is not tight enough to drink from it, I was really impressed by the result. What a cool machine!

Here are some more pictures:

Thanks Simone and Christian for inviting us, it was a pleasure!

Palo Altona – Tinker drinkup in Hamburg


If you’ve missed Marcus post, here is another on the same topic.

Nearly every other Thursday Marcus and I are hanging out together for having a beer and chatting about all things geek, especially electronics, CNC, 3D-printing, micrcontroller and Arduino. But there’s no limit, everyone interested in tinkering and making is welcome. It takes place at Saal II in Schanze. Try us, we’re kind ;)

You can take a look at Marcus’ or mine twitterfeed to checkout when the next #palo_altona will be.

We already had guests sometimes but yesterday’s drinkup was great as we had two new guests. Feels as if there is something moving in Hamburg. Yeah!

Update 2010/02/16: Palo Altona is now scheduled biweekly. Every Thursday was a bit stressing for everybody.

Update 2010/03/20: Palo Altona has now a Posterous page for news and schedule.