Palo Altona – Tinker drinkup in Hamburg


If you’ve missed Marcus post, here is another on the same topic.

Nearly every other Thursday Marcus and I are hanging out together for having a beer and chatting about all things geek, especially electronics, CNC, 3D-printing, micrcontroller and Arduino. But there’s no limit, everyone interested in tinkering and making is welcome. It takes place at Saal II in Schanze. Try us, we’re kind ;)

You can take a look at Marcus’ or mine twitterfeed to checkout when the next #palo_altona will be.

We already had guests sometimes but yesterday’s drinkup was great as we had two new guests. Feels as if there is something moving in Hamburg. Yeah!

Update 2010/02/16: Palo Altona is now scheduled biweekly. Every Thursday was a bit stressing for everybody.

Update 2010/03/20: Palo Altona has now a Posterous page for news and schedule.